Nitrile Rubber Sheets, Off-White (Smooth Finish), 6×6-Inch by 1/8 (Pack of 3)

  • 3 RUBBER SHEETS – Includes 3 off-white sheets of rubber 6 in x 6 in by 1/8 in.
  • DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) MATERIAL – This product is great for your home and workplace projects. Cut it easily with a knife or scissors.
  • HEAVY DUTY/HIGH-QUALITY RUBBER MATERIAL – This rubber was dried using a special process that will help retain it's natural properties, reduce environmental toxic gasses (vs. drying with carbon burning).
  • POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS – Use the Rubber Sheet for projects like gasket creation, vibration reduction, water insulation, leveling objects, abrasion, floor cushioning, hammering protection, electric insulation, sound reduction…
  • MATERIAL – Neoprene , Rubber , Chloroprene.

Physical Properties

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